Today’s Video Selection: Remind Me

“Remind Me” by Röyksopp (video by H5, a French graphic studio/collective)

I first saw this video with Kimi and Bryan at a Res show in S.F. at the Exploratorium a few years ago, and it’s stayed with me for a while. I woke up this morning with the song in my head so I tracked down the video while Sammy was napping. Hopefully one of these two links will still be around a few years from now:

Media Player

(The first link is less cluttered, has no ads, and is uncensored, but the second link has better sound and can play full-screen.)

4 Responses to “Today’s Video Selection: Remind Me”

  1. Akos Says:

    Well themed.

  2. Crabby Says:

    I liked the video (not so much the song, but it was all right). Really makes you think. About what, I’m not quite sure. I’ll think more about what it makes me think about later.

  3. estephen Says:

    Kimi and I were discussing what the general emotion that sums up the video was. Kimi called it, “quiet desperation.” I think of it as expressing a fungibility crisis.

  4. Crabby Says:

    I think I figured out that this video is trying to get people to think about the things they don’t normally think about.

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