Why start a blog now? That’s so 2001.

I resolved to start a blog this year.

In a sense, my personal site has had a blog since 1995: The news page dates back to 1995, and there are a handful of posi-web entries that are blog-like as well, dating from 1996 to 1999. (And there was my mood page too.) But I never really maintained those sections very well.

As I get older, I seem to get busier, and I find I have less and less time to write. By forcing myself to carve out part of the day to record my experiences, I hope to keep my friends and family up to date on what’s going on, and create an archive of activities, rambling thoughts, random pictures, and half-baked rants.

2005 was the most eventful year of my life; Kimi and I were married in April after getting engaged 2/14/04, and the main highlight was Sammy being born in September. Kimi and I also managed to stay in Tulum for our honeymoon and sneak off to Maui in November. As I think about some of those experiences, while it’s true that we do have some pictures, the clarity of my memories are fading with time. I would have liked to have recorded my reactions and thoughts about those meaningful and life-changing times closer to when they happened.

So, I resolved to start a blog this year.

I do worry about the audience. In some sense, it’s a bit intimidating knowing that potential readers could include:

  • random strangers
  • TiVo customers
  • friends of friends
  • co-workers (even possibly my employees and my bosses)
  • friends from high school, college, Berkeley, Impact, poker, Burning Man, antiweb, kibology, etc.
  • parents
  • my brothers and sister and sisters-in-law
  • my wife, and
  • (when he can read) my son

When the audience is that wide-ranging, how can I write honestly about a bad day at work, or an exciting but secret new project I’m working on, or a fight with Kimi? The answer is that I probably cannot. So instead of being a confessional, this blog will probably stay on the surface a bit. But even if I do nothing more than force myself to write about the things that happen, it means I can look back on this, years from now (presuming I pay my ISP and that California doesn’t sink into the ocean), and re-experience the events.

I resolved to start a blog this year. And now you’re soaking in it.

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