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Today is not just Valentine’s Day, but it’s also Kimi’s birthday, and the two-year anniversary of our engagement. To celebrate, I took her to Chez TJ’s in Mountain View. (Thanks go to Kyrie for watching Sammy for us.)

We proceeded to have an eleven course meal: a tiny goat cheese pastry puff for an appetizer, three plates of amuse bouche (including foie gras wrapped in fig, and two others I don’t remember), soup (carrot with crab for me, onion with poached egg for Kimi), vegetable (beets for Kimi, foie gras au torchon for me), seafood (bay scallops and sweet shrimp over wood-ear mushrooms for me, salmon for Kimi), main (since neither of us eat red meat, it was a goat cheese ravioli for me and the scallops/shrimp for Kimi), desert (gateau, ice cream, poached pears), coffee, and, to finish, mignardises (“preciousnesses”) – miniature chocolate and jelly sweets. Not being big wine drinkers we opted not to do the pairing, but instead we shared a delightful glass of Riesling recommended by the wine stewardess.

Each course was tiny and delicate, and an absolute delight. The service was impeccable. The setting is a converted house and the ambience is very romantic. If you’re looking for an extravagant French-California meal, and can secure a reservation (they have a very long waiting list), I would definitely recommend Chez TJ.

To Kimi: Sweetheart, I love you very much. Happy birthday and happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Kyrie Says:

    Leave Sammy with me anytime you want. He was a little dreamboat. Twins had a lot of fun “holding him” and “feeding” him his bottle. Sammy was very patient. 🙂

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