Goooooooooooooooooal x5

This evening, Jay K. (Director of Customer Support at TiVo) had arranged an offsite for the TiVo operations groups (service operations, customer support, manufacturing, sales operations) to see the USA vs. Japan exhibition soccer game at Pacbell SBC AT&T Park in San Francisco. Not everyone made it, but there were enough of us to make a crowd.

Jay and I took the Caltrain up, and we met up with everyone at the Acme Chop House before the game. I’ve eaten there before, and while I don’t eat red meat (so the chops and steaks do nothing for me), there’s enough seafood on the menu to keep me interested. Their calamari is really good.

The soccer game was actually thrilling. Our seats were on the bleachers just behind the goal. (Spoiler ahead.) USA scored the first three goals and dominated the first half, and then Japan scored two, dominated the second half, and threatened to score again several times — fun to watch. I was impressed by how many Japanese supporters there were, and their coordinated cries of “Nip-pon, Nip-pon” put the home team’s crowd’s half-hearted “USA, USA”s to shame.

Rich Thomas (of Sad Salvation) was there too, and we talked a bit about blogging. He took pictures, unlike me, and I’m new enough to blogging to be curious about what it’s like when two bloggers cover the same event. (Update: Rich’s post is written.)

Between the Superbowl, the Olympics, and this soccer game, someone would get the impression that I’m interested in sports or something. In reality, normally I hate sports. In particular, I hate baseball (maybe because it’s alien to me, having been born in England).

Caltrain coming home was incredibly crowded and slow: two hours. I almost passed out.

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