Two lunches and a haircut

Rob and Sammy, Mountain View, CA, February 9, 2006 Ariana and Sammy at Amarin Thai restaurant, Mountain View, CA, February 9, 2006
Elisa and Sammy at Amarin Thai restaurant, Mountain View, CA, February 9, 2006 Kimi's new haircut, with Sammy, Mountain View, CA, February 9, 2006

Rob came over for lunch today, and we lugged Sammy over to Castro St. and ate at Hunan Chili (formerly “Twinkled Spring,” how crazy a name is that?). The Sesame Chicken was wonderful, spicy and tasty. The Prawns with Mixed Vegetables were bland and overcooked. The soup, egg rolls, rice and ice cream were all fine. Fortune: “You will be surrounded on all sides by luxury.” Fine, yes, thanks, but is it my luxury? Overall, the deliciousness of the chicken outweighed the mediocrity of the prawns.

I had completely forgotten that I had agreed to pick up Kyrie’s step-mom, Elisa, and Elisa’s daughter, Ariana (a junior in high school). So when they called me, I dumped Rob, changed Sammy as quick as I could, and met A&E at the Caltrain station. Fortunately they had called ahead, so they didn’t have to wait long. They were starving, so I took them to Amarin (my very favorite Thai restaurant in Mountain View, fittingly introduced to me by Kyrie). Ariana had the vegetarian Pad-Thai and Elisa tried the buffet (which I haven’t had); they both declared it delicious. It was so warm today (unseasonably so) that we ate in their patio. Afterwards we stopped by Tapioca Express (“Suddenly, I want more!”), a new experience for Elisa. She seemed to enjoy her Brazilian Coffee Snow Bubble with pearls.

Later Kimi returned home sporting her new haircut. Sexy! I encouraged her to dash off and see Brokeback Mountain with Yvonne to show it off; perhaps Kimi will review the movie here later.

Sammy is zonked out. He was extremely happy and bubbly today; I can’t believe I only have until next Wednesday left in my paternity leave.

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