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After my first full week back at work, I’ve learned that I really have to figure out when I want to do my blogging. I’m too busy at work (and usually work through lunch), and when I come home I haven’t figured out when to do it. After Sammy goes to bed at 8pm seems like a logical choice, but I’ve been really consumed in watching the Winter Olympics lately.

Amazing how quickly eight days can go by without a blog entry. Kimi promised to write about Sammy’s first solid food experience last weekend, and it would be great to talk about our trip to Santa Cruz last Sunday to see Auntie Tracee. Or perhaps I should have described hosting poker night on Tuesday and coming in tied for first both tournaments. Certainly my reaction to some of more interesting Olympic events — women’s snowboarding cross, cross-country 4x10km relay — is blogworthy. Maybe we’ll go back and fill in the gaps sometime. But maybe not.

Here’s one event while it’s still fresh in my mind. Last night Kimi and I went to eat at our favorite Japanese restaurant in Mountain View, Yakko, and the staff there was crazy over Sammy, poking and prodding him to mutual delight. He fell asleep not long after the food arrived, so all worked out on that score. I’m not sure why Yakko’s chose to name a lightly seared tuna sashimi dish “Screaming Orgasm” — cultural divide? – and I actually felt self-conscious when the couple at the next table asked what it was called. But it’s an amazing thing to eat.

Today Kimi is with Yvonne at a scrapbooking expo for most of the day, so it was me and the kid. Around noon we took off in the jogging stroller to play in the park and buy some milk — it’s such a warm day. Some states are buried in snow, but here in California we wear t-shirts in February. They all came back for lunch, and we went out to eat at Los Portales (a wonderful family-run Mexican restaurant on Moffett), then I took some photos to try to figure out how to use the new external flash Kimi got for her birthday. Let me know what you think.

2 Responses to “Work-Life-Blog Balance”

  1. rone Says:

    Yakko is good, despite some of their more, er, outré dishes.

    Have you had Uncle Frank’s BBQ yet?

  2. Stephen Says:

    No! I don’t eat red meat, though (and neither does Kimi) so all I can evaluate them on is chicken. I did read a couple of newspaper articles profiling the guy and my curiousity was 100% piqued.

    This isn’t the good article, but it gets the point across:

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