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I hate being sick. Most of the weekend I felt really run-down and low-energy, with a nasty headache and weak joints. Saturday night we had Rob and Kelly over for dinner, which was nice, and Sunday we had Yvonne over to watch the Oscars, which was also nice. Both events were low-key enough that I could handle it, and I really owe it to Kimi for taking the load off me to let me recover even though she’s in a lot of back pain herself.

As I write this, I definitely am fighting something. And poor Sammy — when I picked him up from Jen, his nanny, his nose was running and he too is now under the weather. He hated being horizontal and feeding him was hard due to his congestion. Fortunately after a bath he settled down for the night.

Anyway — I was posting this to talk about last night’s Oscars. We ordered Thai food from Amarin, and all three of us filled out our ballots to make a game of it.

Since if you’re reading this you might well be a DVR user, and there is some chance you haven’t yet watched the Oscars, I will hide the rest of this entry behind one of these “click here to read more” thingies.

Hey, thanks for clicking — you like me, you really like me! (Oscar humor, sorry.)

Jon Stewart is a very funny man; of course, I’m biased because I love “The Daily Show.” On Sunday, I thought he was pretty funny but I guess I was expecting more. The opening montage didn’t really seem too creative to me, and while he had some witty barbs (including the one about montages), most of the humor seemed pretty pedestrian.

In our little contest, Kimi came in third with eight correct guesses (out of the 24 categories), Yvonne got ten, and I got twelve. Zeigen FTW! Now they have to take me to see a movie of my choice.

Twelve out of 24 is at least better than chance, but I see that a lot of folks were getting 20 or more, so I have some room to improve. Not having seen any of the nominated films probably didn’t help. I’d love to see Munich (and that will probably be my prize choice), but I’m in no hurry to see any of the others. (Kimi and Yvonne already saw Brokeback Mountain together.)

To me it was completely predictable that Crash would win Best Picture, and that Ang Lee would win Best Director. I also correctly called Best Actor and Best Director, as well as both screenplay awards. Missed both supporting awards though.

I’m honestly stunned that people think that Brokeback was robbed — historically the Academy has always only lightly rewarded truly groundbreaking films (such as Brokeback) and has handsomely rewarded “issues” films even if they are ultimately only mediocre films (such as Crash? I suppose that’s unfair since I haven’t seen it).

The best part of the show? The three fake political-style ads for Best Actress and one for Sound Editing. Alas, I looked around and they don’t seem to be online anywhere. (I did see that the Oscar video site misspells Jon Stewart’s name as “John Stewart.”) Catch ’em if you can from someone who recorded the show and still has it.

I’m surprised that Larry McMurtry, author of the Lonesome Dove series and much more, had such a wimpy speaking voice. I guess he’s getting over being ill. I always pictured him in my head as Hemmingway-esque.

I’m also surprised they didn’t include Don Knotts in the “In Memoriam” section.

Poor Lauren Bacall. That was hard to watch.

Robert Altman is one of my least favorite directors, so I wasn’t so happy with his honorary award.

Jon should have ended it with the words “Good night, and good luck.” Since he didn’t, I will:

Good night.

And good luck.

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  1. Scrappy Says:

    I was robbed! I saw WAY more movies than Stephen did and he WON! Can you believe it??? =) But seriously… I’m looking forward to a night out with the Macks to see Munich… Just let me know when!

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