TiVo’s new pricing announcement today

TiVo made a number of new announcements today as part of the Q4 results conference call. One of the things announced was some new pricing options. (Check out the press release or official TiVo.com blog entry if you want to read more.)

Unlike KidZone, this one I was very involved with, and my team has been working hard on this for months. So I was very proud to hear our CEO, Tom Rogers, explain it in the conference call and later send out a great big internal thank you e-mail that included my team.

So, what did we announce? How does this work? I won’t talk about that here. But, bottom-line, starting mid-next-week, you can purchase a brand-new 80-hour Series2 with no upfront cost and a low monthly fee.

I’ve been answering questions about it all day, so I’m a bit fried (and I’m still sick, so my head is killing me). Since I’m answering questions elsewhere I’ll disable comments for this entry. If you want to comment, head on over to the TiVoCommunity forum.

I made a summary of what we announced here.

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