Tuesday morning around 11, Kimi called me at work and said she wasn’t feeling well and was going home. Around 4 she called me and she was in so much pain she could barely talk — a debilitating headache, nausea, vomiting. So I rushed home and I ended up taking her to our doctor since he had an appointment. She was very weak and sensitive to lights, and couldn’t keep anything down, not even water. The doctor was mystified, recommended we head to the emergency room and he ordered a CT scan.

Long story short, they couldn’t find anything scary in the CT scan, and eventually the IV and anti-nausea and anti-pain medication kicked in. By 10:30pm Kimi had moved from a 9 on the 1-10 pain scale to a 4. The diagnosis was neck muscle tension leading to a migraine.

Kimi had never experienced a migraine before (and judging by the pain she was in, the things I had thought were migraines that I’d had in the past weren’t really migraines at all).

Yesterday she slept most of the day. Today she’s feeling a bit better but still a bit delicate.

Thanks to Kyrie for watching Sammy for us on Tuesday night.

Hospitals are noisy, slow-moving, and scary places. This was Kimi’s third time as a patient at El Camino (once, when pregnant, for a sprained wrist after a fall, and the second time to deliver Sammy). I think the people who work there are generally competent and caring, but they all seem a bit jaded.

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  1. rone Says:

    Whatever you’ve had might well be migraines… not all migraines are the full-blown, photophobia + nausea + auras deal. I get photo/phonophobia sometimes, but almost never nausea, and i only got auras once.

  2. Scrappy Says:

    Agreed… I usually get photophobia and when it’s REALLY bad nausea… not sure about the auras thing though. Glad Kimi is feeling better!

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