Perhaps predictably on the heels of the two Thanksgiving dinners, at the scales this morning I broke a new record: 177.5. That’s way too heavy. I’m now on a diet, and you can follow my progress on this blog. My goal is 160 (after consulting the BMI chart). My strategy will be:

  • No sugar drinks (only water or zero calorie drinks)
  • No between-meal snacks (only water)
  • Very small portions of dessert, if any
  • Normal portions at other meals, no second helpings
  • Gym at least twice a week
  • Team Fitness at least twice a week

I used to be a regular Team Fitness attendee (it’s a work-subsidized small group fitness program at 7am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at a nearby high school gym, with great coaches), but between playing World of Warcraft and having Sammy, I slipped a lot over the last couple of years. Time to get back into a routine.

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  1. Dave Zatz Says:

    Good luck man, I thinking of doing the same. If I start a personal blog and make my goal public perhaps I’ll be more likely to hit it. 🙂 If I stop eating my significant other’s meals when we eat out and if she prepares less at home (or I avoid wandering into the kitchen and eating left overs) I should do well.

  2. Maryl Says:

    Snacks are really good for your metabolism! Super-good, even!

    Small snacks all day, and small meals does great things for your natural rate of metabolism.

    Never snack after dark though! Most callories that you ingest after 7-8PM arn’t actually used for anything quality, because your metabolism is getting sluggish and sleep-ready.


  3. Stephen Says:

    Thanks Dave! Part of why I published my goal on the blog was to shame myself into doing well.

    Maryl, you make a good point about snacks. The biggest problem is that the main snacks available at work are cakes, donuts, bagels, or candy. The kinds of snacks I’d like to eat would be things like celery and fruit. I guess I can bring in some apples.

  4. Dave Says:

    Good luck Stephen. Dieting is hard but you can succeed. I have lost approximately 18 kilos now, and am about to publish my own blog as to how i am doing it.
    A couple of thoughts in the meantime
    I’m afraid i do not agree with Maryl. Snacks throughout the day do not satisfy the hunger. They just remind you how hungry you are. My idea is better to be hungry throughout the day when you are busy and your mind is diverted elsewhere (often i have a sandwhich or even fruit for lunch, but often go to about 3-6pm without eating anything). Lots of drinks-no coca cola or other sugary poisons. Fruit juice(100%) or tea or coffee (full fat milk, why not – don’t totally cut out the enjoyment) is good.
    I can’t go to bed hungry, so i eat as late as possible, and have a good night’s sleep on a full stomach.
    I know this is all totally against the food industry’s ideas, but i am keeping well, and losing the weight without it costing me a penny in using all their crap potions and disgusting diet ‘foods’. Can’t be bad.
    Once again, good luck.

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