Hallowe’en night

I meant to get home early, before dark (it gets dark so early now) but work was too busy. By the time I got on the road, traffic was more frightening than any scary costume. I called Kimi and she was trying to feed Sammy, give out candy to the trick-or-treaters, cook dinner, put up some decorations, and change into her costume — and was quite understandably a bit stressed.

Fortunately, John and Yvonne to the rescue — they were coming over for dinner and to hang out and play party games. Yvonne helped feed Sammy and give out candy, and John helped with the decorations. Kimi made some lasagna that was delicious. We managed to get the house looking suitably spooky. And just in time — not long after 6, the kids starting coming in droves.

Every year we get a few hundred trick-or-treaters. Every year we’ve run out of candy and had to rush off to Safeway to buy more. Some years I’ve had to give out sports bars or spare change at the end. This year Kimi and I resolved not to run out. She spent Monday and Tuesday creating 360 treat bags. And for the first time, we had some candy left over. By leftover bag count, it appears we had 320 trick-or-treaters this year, up slightly from last year.

Sammy really enjoyed seeing all the kids in costume. (If I had to pick the most popular theme, I’d say Star Wars was the winner this year. Spiderman was sharply down from last year, but Batman held steady.)

After Sammy went to bed at 8, Yvonne, John, Kimi and I had some wine and played this game, which I have to say was pretty amusing, especially after a couple of glasses of wine (although we didn’t play it by the rules and as a drinking game, more just as a discussion).

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  1. Scrappy Says:

    I had a totally fun time! One of the highlights of the evening for me (other than getting buzzed and playing that fun game!) was watching Sammy go from “totally confused as to why people were coming to his house” to actually helping hand out the goody bags and waving bye-bye! Super-cute!

    The other thing I decided was that next year I think I’ll try to come up with a ‘Candy Vigilante’ costume – you know, the person who takes candy away from the costume-less kids and gives it to the ones who didn’t get any… Also to take it away from the double-dippers! Got a few of those, too… Nah, maybe not… It’s all in the spirit of giving (oh wait, that’s Christmas).

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