If you can’t beat ’em, box ’em

I mentioned earlier seeing BloodRayne with Harry on Thursday (a traditional Thanksgiving movie if ever there was one).

Turns out that BloodRayne is directed by Uwe Boll, the auteur behind the video-game-into-movie monstrosities House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark (I’ve played both those games, actually, and I regret to report I saw the House of the Dead movie, which is every bit as awful as BloodRayne). It further turns out that Herr Boll is getting a bit tired of his critics beating him up. So, he turned the tables and challenged them to a boxing competition (as reported in Wired News). It’s a fascinating story; thanks to John R. for providing the link.

Doesn’t make me want to see any of his upcoming movies, though.

3 Responses to “If you can’t beat ’em, box ’em”

  1. Dave Zatz Says:

    ITVN loaned me a box to review and this was one of the movies we watched. It could be the worst movie I have ever seen.

  2. Stephen Says:

    It really is terrible. I “loved” how they never explained what happened with Michelle Rodriguez’s character, and how anticlimactic the final showdown was. How on earth did Ben Kingsley get roped into this?

  3. Akos Says:

    Just avoided watching this on TV thanks to you. Thanks.

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