TiVoCast made easy

Now you can sign up for TiVoCast programs right from your DVR. Head to TiVo Central -> Find Programs -> TiVoCast and sign up for any of the following:

  • CNET: High tech reviews (every Friday)
  • Danger Rangers: Safety programming for kids in the form of a song (every Wednesday)
  • dLife: Diabetes news and information (once a month)
  • Heavy: Adult-rated humor, often in the format of a top ten countdown of things that suck (every Monday)
  • iVillage: beauty, health, style, and well-being (every Monday)
  • The New York Times: Science, movie reviews, food, relationship and other clips from the venerable grey lady (several times a week)
  • Rocketboom: The world’s most popular daily video blog, an eclectic daily burst (Monday through Friday)
  • Union: Action sports clips from surf, skate, snowboarding, BMX and motocross (every Friday)

Want my current favorite TiVoCast program? The opening segment of The Best of Union 5 is a must-watch spectacle if you like to see BMX accidents along “the agony of defeat” lines.

More content to come!

The cool thing about the new TiVoCast menu is that you can manage your subscriptions (view, add, remove, modify), and choose individual programs as well. Our TiVoCast infrastructure is much more robust than it was previously, and it’s now easier for us to add new partners.

The other interesting thing about this (that is, interesting if you care about the technical details of how TiVo works) is that this is actually an HME (Home Media Engine) app. This is the first time we’ve added a new feature to the TiVo DVR menu interface without having to do a full software rollout: Instead, the new menu item and its capabilities automatically just appeared for all broadband-enabled Series2 units. This technology can let us develop, qualify and release new features much faster than previously.

One Response to “TiVoCast made easy”

  1. MegaZone Says:

    Congrats! Nice to see this rolling out, I look forward to seeing more content.

    And very cool seeing this implemented as an HME app. I’ve been expecting more things like that since HME came out, especially after I saw this ‘wormhole’ kind of system demo’d at CES2006, being able to jump into HME from menus then back seamlessly.

    I bet the on-box Guru Guide management and such that has been demo’d recently will be implemented the same way.

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