Go Bears!

My friend John R. invited Sam P., Patti S. and me over last night to watch the California Golden Bears compete against Texas A&M in the Holiday Bowl. We had Chinese food (thanks John!) and Kimi made us a couple of small cakes (chocolate and pumpkin spice) for dessert.

I couldn’t believe how big Isaac and Adam (John and Darin’s two sons) are getting. Isaac made us a spaceship out of a new toy Adam got for Christmas (I don’t know the name of the toy, but it was sort of like tinkertoys except much larger scale and made out of foam), and we blasted off to the moon since we didn’t have time to go to Pluto.

(Stop right here if you recorded the game and haven’t watched it yet.)

Meanwhile, the game was great fun for Bears fans. What a humiliating defeat for Texas A&M. I know the last touchdown in the last few seconds to make it 45-10 was problem salt in an already gaping wound, but the kids just came to play. Go Bears!

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