James Kim

Even now, weeks after the events, I still find myself thinking about James Kim and his family and what happened to them in the remote Oregon wilderness. I catch myself wondering how I’d be able to handle myself if I ever found myself in the same situation — and if I, like James, would be able to save my family. Imagine being trapped with your family in the middle of nowhere for a full week, running out of food, almost out of gas, not knowing if help will ever arrive. It’s horrifying to me. Right or wrong, I too probably would have left in search of help.

TiVo Inc. is contributing to the James Kim family donation fund, and if you, like me, were hit by this story on a personal level, I just wanted to encourage folks to be aware of the CNET donation page.

CNET’s latest episode of “CNET’s Tips for Digital Living” includes a tribute to James (starting around the 13 minute mark). You can download it for your Series2 DVR connected to broadband using TiVoCast, or watch it in a browser at CNET’s site. I personally could not watch it without getting choked up. James was a very talented guy, and his reviews were fun to watch.

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  1. Dave Zatz Says:

    I’m also still upset about his death (and wonder how I would have handled that situation).

    Thanks for pointing out CNET’s link with donation info. My employer has a matching funds benefit, perhaps I can get them to contribute with me even though the official memorial fund hasn’t been established.

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