Need help with a “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” thingie

So in last few weeks, my mom (who is paralyzed on her left side after an aneurysm in 1995), has fallen out of her wheelchair three times, and after the third time was hospitalized after cracking a few ribs.

Among other things, we’re looking into one of those Life Alert services — something that can help if she’s, well, fallen and can’t get up.

We’ve seen Life Alert, but I also see some questionable business practices in reviews (and $60/month plus a $300 setup fee seems outrageous). Anyone had any experience with this type of device and service?

We’d go with a cellphone but they’re not as easy for her to carry with her all the time, and she’d need to keep it charged.

3 Responses to “Need help with a “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” thingie”

  1. Paul Westbrook Says:

    ADT offers a similar service. We use them for our security system, and we have been happy. I don’t have any experience with their Medical Alert System.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Thanks Paul (and great to hear from you, by the way). I’m checking out ADT.

    Out of interest, I posted the same question to the TiVo Community forum, and someone there provided the same answer.

  3. Justin Thyme Says:

    There are cordless speakerphones that autodial 911. About $199.

    There may be some other products of interest at the smarthome site.

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