Tacoma, Tacoma, we’re back in Tacoma

I like the word “Tacoma.” Strong word, very mellifluent (sort of like how L.M. Boyd claimed that people who don’t speak English choose “nausea” and “diarrhea” as the two most attractive-sounding words).

In pounding rain and after only just barely getting everything packed and wrapped and delivered and back home in time for the shuttle, I flew out Thursday night, and Kimi picked me up at Seatac. Kimi’s been staying with her sister Tomi and Tomi’s family: Her husband John and three-year-old daughter Kira.

Yesterday we spent the morning visiting Santa Claus at the Tacoma Mall. Only after waiting two hours in line (in shifts) did we see all these people cutting in front of us. What’s going on? we asked. Oh, if you become a member of this mall kids club thing, you can cut to the front of the line. How much does it cost to join? $5 a year. Yikes. For $5 we’d have gladly saved two hours of time.

Sammy was, naturally, terrified of Santa, who seemed like a decent chap. They took three pics: One of Sammy bawling his eyes out, then Kimi jumped in and distracted him for a brief second, and he’s looking at the camera with a strange expression that if you didn’t know what was happening you might think was nearly a smile, and then another one of him bawling. Kira’s expression is a bit flat. But at least Santa and Kimi are smiling radiantly. (I’ll scan in the photo when we get home and put it up; I know there haven’t been many photos here lately.)

Tomi had a small party for friends and neighbors last night, and we had lots of cake and cheese and cookies, and played Apples to Apples, which remains one of my very favorite party games for mixed groups. Kimi made snicker dooodles and chocolate crinkles, which didn’t do much for my diet because I can’t resist them.

Today we had brunch with Kimi’s dad, one of the most dour men I have ever met, but Sammy can charm anyone, so things went well.

I took Sammy for a brief walk. Brrrr. His vocabulary is coming along, and he’s very interested in airplanes. In addition to being able to say “uh-oh” and “bye bye” and “mama” and “dada” and recognizing (sort of, some of the time) what we want him to do when we ask him to point to his ears or his nose, I do believe that on that walk he told me he was freezing his buns off. Only he pronounced it, “Mfwwa bah fala bah?”

We’ll be up here in Tacoma until Tuesday morning, and then we fly in to Elk Grove for my mom’s birthday.

2 Responses to “Tacoma, Tacoma, we’re back in Tacoma”

  1. Scrappy Says:

    So when do you get home? The kitties were not happy when we visited this weekend… Should we head over again before your return?

  2. Stephen Says:

    Hi, we’re home! Thanks Yvonne. Yeah, they were pretty wild when we got in. We’ll give you a call tomorrow. Thanks so much for checking on them!

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