The News

Yesterday evening, right before I was leaving for home from work, Kimi called me and said the cleaners were at the house and instead of me coming home we should meet for dinner at Tomatina’s (one of her favorite places). Great idea, sweetheart — we don’t eat out very often now with Sammy.

When I got there and saw Kimi and Sammy I also saw that she had three balloons, one blue, one pink, and one yellow. She told me she had a present for me. Attached to the balloons was a pregancy test, and it showed positive. Positive!

Yup — Kimi’s expecting. It’s too soon to tell anyone, though, so this is a secret, private blog post. Boy or girl, I’m ecstatic. We’re very excited, but also a little nervous…

EDIT August 13th: No longer private!

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