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Every other Tuesday we have a poker night; mostly it’s folks from TiVo, but we also have folks from Apple, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and eBay show up. (We used to play at TiVo HQ, but HR put a stop to it for insurance reasons. If you play poker and want to join in, drop me a line.)

Happened to be that one of our poker nights was on the Tuesday of MacWorld and the iPhone announcement. One of the guys from Apple was at Macworld and couldn’t play. Turns out he’s on the iPhone team; he told us about it at last week’s game.

So, for months, he had been working on the iPhone. He couldn’t tell us about it, though, because the project was a secret. He couldn’t tell his friends about it. He couldn’t tell his family about it. The other poker player from Apple is one of his best friends, who he’s known for years, who works at Apple, but still he couldn’t tell him about it.

We tried getting all kinds of questions answered on Tuesday, but he really couldn’t say anything. We wanted to see an iPhone, but he’s not allowed to take any of ’em outside the building where he works.

That’s secrecy.

Some people wondered why Apple revealed the iPhone now when it won’t be available until June. Jobs said (during Macworld) it was because they had to make semi-public filings about it, and he wanted to tell the world about it himself rather than let the FCC leak it.

I believe that. Sure looks to me that Apple takes secrecy a whole lot more seriously than our government does.

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  1. Steve Says:

    Hi Stephen:

    I have been trying to get in touch with someone on the iPhone team. Random question – but any chance you could put me in touch with your friend?

  2. Stephen Says:

    Nope, sorry.

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