World of Warcraft all over again

I used to watch a lot more TV than I have over the past two years. And I used to play a lot of different computer games. And I used to go to the gym/Team Fitness a lot more than I do now. The big reason for the change is that more of my free time has gone into World of Warcraft, to the point where I really don’t play any other computer games and I’ve stopped watching about half the TV shows I used to watch. (I do wish Kimi would play too, but it’s really not her thing and she’s not at all interested.) Single player computer games now seem a bit lonely to me; I tried playing Oblivion but gave up because the world felt empty.

Blizzard has done a remarkable job of making their online game interesting and rewarding. And on a professional level, Blizzard is a service company just like TiVo, so I’m very interested in their patch rollout, billing, and customer communication processes.

When I play, it’s been mostly with my brother Harry but over the last couple of years on our server I’ve developed quite a few friends; we’ve even met in person at a couple of picnics and a party up in Antioch.

Last week my friend John R. purchased the game and started playing on our server (Horde side on the Feathermoon server, to be specific). To help him out, I created a new character and started levelling up a Tauren Warrior alongside his Tauren Druid. Re-experiencing the world has given me appreciation for Blizzard’s achievement all over again. The quests are well thought out and engaging, and the depth of gameplay is really there.

I’m not sure I’ll have the endurance to take this character all the way to 60; I’m more interested in driving forward my existing character, a Forsaken Priest, rather than really developing a second character. Plus being a priest fits my style of play more than a warrior.

The first expansion comes out later this month, and there’s a chance I will roll up a new character in the new Horde race, Blood Elves, and stop paying attention to this new warrior, but for right now part of my brain is thinking about Brahee Dawnstrider and his novice blacksmithing and his struggles against harpies and dwarves.

3 Responses to “World of Warcraft all over again”

  1. Crabby Says:

    Will you ever forgive me for making you play this game? And by you, the first you, I mean Kimi. 😛

  2. Scrappy Says:

    I guess it’s WoW all over again EVERY day now… So much for New Year’s resolutions to update your blog! =) Enjoying the game?

  3. Stephen Says:

    Heh! Yup. 🙂 Love the expansion.  I do have 20 or so blog drafts/ideas, just need to type ’em up.

    Work is actually really busy as well; I did play WoW last night, but that was the first time this week.

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