Ads at Century 16

We live near the Century Shoreline 16, and I prefer going there over, say, the AMC Mercado 20 because it’s closer, it’s easier to park, and they don’t play commercials before the movies. (On the other hand, the Mercado’s stadium-style seats are better, and the theatre is better maintained.) Except last week, when we went to see Music and Lyrics, they had some horrible program playing. Fortunately we were late arriving and only caught the tail end of it, but what little we saw was back to back commercials mixed in with promotional puff pieces with no depth. Very similar to the AMC program called “The 20” or something like that, but a different name.

Evening movie ticket prices are now $10. (Grandpa mode: Why when I was a kid, movies cost $4.50, and we used to line up around the block and wait two hours to get in on opening weekend.) Anyway, they raise the price and have to have commercials as well? It used to be they advertised no commercials. Guess that’s changed. I’m going to complain. I can’t stand these pieces — you can’t talk while it’s playing.

Update, Feb 25th: Except no commercials on Friday before Reno 911. Guess they had a lot of complaints.

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