“And the dogfish tastes like bark!”

Sammy told his first joke this evening.

Well, he didn’t exactly tell it. He performed it. So maybe it was more like a skit.

Here’s what he did. He put one of his wooden fish puzzle pieces in his mouth, knowing that it isn’t food, and then smiled at us to show us that he knew he was doing something silly. He laughed a bit. Then he waited, knowing that we would laugh.

Sammy Mack tells a joke involving a wooden fish puzzle piece, Mountain View, CA, February 27, 2007

When we actually laughed, he laughed even harder. And he looked very pleased with himself. I am 100% certain that he was perfectly aware of his behavior, to do a particular silly act solely in order to get Kimi and me to laugh.

If I had to translate this joke into text, it would be something like, “Mommy, daddy! This ‘fish’ tastes like wood!”

He then proceeded to tell the same joke six or seven more times. We laughed every time.

One Response to ““And the dogfish tastes like bark!””

  1. Scrappy Says:


    You have a little comedian on your hands! =)

    Funny when you start to notice new personality traits, eh?

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