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With fish being Sammy’s new favorite thing, I noticed he really liked the Windows aquarium screen saver (which came with Windows XP Plus), but I felt it didn’t have enough variety. After a bit of research, I bought Dream Aquairum for $20. (You can try it free, but to remove the nag messages and unlock all the fish, you gotta pay.) I think the program is really beautiful, and the fish animations are very lifelike.

Sammy loves it. He can watch it indefinitely. His refrain is, invariably, “Fish! Fish! Fish! Fish! Fish! Ooooh. Fish! Fish! Fish! Wow. Fish!”

Sammy watches the Dream Aquarium screen saver, Mountain View, CA, February 21, 2007

(We don’t usually let him sit so close, but I couldn’t think of any other way to frame the picture.)

During his visit to Tacoma around Christmas, he started playing with Kira’s fishing set. This is just a magnet on a string attached to a stick, used to pick up wooden fish out of a tray. He loved it, and played with it so much that Kira got a bit upset. After we got home, sometime in January I got him a set of his own, a magnetic fishing game from Melissa and Doug toys. (The supplied magnet wasn’t strong enough, so we had to glue on one of our own.) Sammy is very pleased every time he catches a fish.

Sammy playing with his fishing game, Mountain View, CA, February 21, 2007

As tempted as I get sometimes, I don’t want to keep a real aquarium at all. (Some of my friends, like Jason W., have some impressive ones.) I don’t know anything about keeping fish (and lack motivation to learn), and I’d rather not deal with ongoing maintenance, feeding, and expenses to replace the inevitably dying fish. Less than $20 for a beautiful aquarium that never spills, can have as much stock as I want, and can be switched off at will — that’s more my speed. Sammy’s too. Fish! Fish! Fish!

3 Responses to “Fish Fish Fish Dream Aquarium Fish Fish Fish Magnetic Fishing Game Fish Fish Fish”

  1. mishy Says:

    And when Sammy gets older you can get him those fishing games where the fish open and close their mouths. My nieces loved that game 😀

  2. Barbara Says:

    I check your blog at least once a week looking for new pictures of Sammy, He is soooo cute!! Thanks to you and Kimi for the one you sent us in the mail. It is on my fridge. Take care Derek says Hi.
    Love Barbara.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Hey Barbara — thanks! I snuck in a few older pictures too; check out the Photography category for more.

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