Happy St. Valentine’s Day

I think I’m going to be the kind of old man who always tells the same stories and jokes over and over again, not remembering who has heard them already, because I was all prepared to write about why Xs and Ox are used to represent hugs and kisses, but found that I’d already done that last year.

Today’s Kimi’s birthday, and we’re celebrating with dinner out and a movie if the schedule works out right. Bob’s watching Sammy for us tonight. Kimi just joined me for lunch at the always-tasty Andiamo’s Cafe in historic downtown Alviso. So many TiVo folks eat there, and having a choice between Italian and Mexican food is great. Anyway, happy birthday, sweetheart!

2 Responses to “Happy St. Valentine’s Day”

  1. Lacy Tree Says:

    Happy Birthday Kimi!!!

  2. Crabby Says:

    Harpy Barfdai!!!!

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