Straits Cafe

For her 30th birthday and St. Valentine’s Day, I took Kimi to the Straits Cafe in Palo Alto. They had decorated it nicely with pink and red balloons, and it was quite crowded. (I had forgotten that a year ago I had made a reservation to return to Chez TJ, so when they called me to remind me I had to cancel. But we’ll go back there next year.) Right away, I think Straits had made an error in strategy: It was a prix fixe menu (with cutesy names such as “Casanova’s Chicken Skewers” and “Flaming Arrows of Love”), and the regular menu wasn’t available. While Kimi and I didn’t mind at all, I heard more than one arriving couple balk at the idea (“But I wanted the chili crab!”). They certainly should have warned those customers making reservations that the regular menu was off.

Regardless, the menu that they picked was memorable and appropriate. The appetizers were my favorite part: Roti prata (a dish Kimi loves almost more than me), vegetarian samosas, satay chicken, and coconut shrimp. The main course was a mix of beef fillet (which we passed on since neither of us eats red meat), panfried swordfish, Indonesian-style grilled chicken, and chili-infused asparagus with little dried shrimps and shallots. For dessert, a chocolate-covered strawberry and a molten chocolate cake.

Happy birthday Kimi!

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  1. Lacy Tree Says:

    Sounds yummy!

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