Watching Heroes from NBC’s site

I wrote about watching the first nine episodes of “Heroes” previously. The other week, I went to watch the second half of the season but realized I had failed to set the Season Pass priority high enough, and one of Kimi’s shows had been recorded instead. Fortunately, NBC offers Heroes free from their site, so I was interested in trying out their experience.

First off, thanks NBC for offering full-length shows free from your site, but the experience was pretty bad. I expected ads that couldn’t be fast-forwarded, but I didn’t expect the same ad multiple times. Six times viewing the exact same ad is irksome and off-putting. If I were an advertiser, I wouldn’t be caught dead trying that — the frustration factor is too intense. I’m actually less likely to purchase the particular product being advertised now because of how annoying the ad was. In addition, the UI needs work. After each break (and each commercial), I had to re-maximize the video to full screen. I had to disable my screen saver.

And worst of all, the video was grainy, too dark, and had too much macroblocking. The streaming was faster than real time, though. And the price was right.

On a more individual level, I really didn’t like watching a full hour of TV on my computer. Wrong light, wrong chair, wrong ergonomics. I much prefer watching TV on my couch in the living room.

4 Responses to “Watching Heroes from NBC’s site”

  1. Crabby Says:

    Haven’t seen any this season either – you di’n’t mention if the show was good enough to overcome all the flamnastiness you had to endure. Recommendations?

  2. Stephen Says:

    Ya know, the episode was a little slow. But I’m sure I’ll get around to watching the rest of the season soon. I do like the show.

  3. Dave Zatz Says:

    The same ad, multiple times? We should talk about CNET on TiVoCast. That woman pounding her keyboard repeatedly has just got to go. 😉

    Seriously, multiple ads are probably a sign they (whoever they is) haven’t sourced other sponsors.

  4. Stephen Says:

    But you can fast forward through it! Although I actually like that ad. Especially the rocket suit part.

    In NBC’s case, I’d bet $1 that it’s not lack of sponsors — try watching three different shows from their site. Chances are you’ll see three different ads. However, whichever ad you get at first, you’ll be stuck with it throughout your viewing of that episode.

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