Anniversary part deux

Tonight was our second wedding anniversary, and to celebrate, John and Yvonne watched Sammy, and Kimi picked out a great Vietnamese restaurant in Palo Alto, Tamarine. (Yelp reviews for Tamarine.)

We started with the mushroom rolls and roti prata, which might have been a bit too much fried food, but were both very delicious. For the main course, we tried the signature Tamarine Prawns along with some curried long beans (green beans, that is), with lemongrass rice. I loved the prawns, and the rice was just amazing, and the beans weren’t bad at all.

For dessert, it was a lemon tart for me, and tapioca with ice cream for Kimi. Both delicious.

All in all I’d recommend the restaurant highly. It didn’t blow me away like Aqua did last year but very delicious, and wonderful to spend time together and think about two years of being married. Love you, sweetie, and thank you!

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