In the Cars universe…

For our plane trip to Hawaii last month, we picked up a portable DVD player (off the TiVo Rewards site, actually, so it didn’t cost me any cash). And we picked up Cars, which may be a bit old for Sammy (who’s nearing 20 months) but he loves cars, so…

I missed this in the theatre, but we’ve seen it a lot now. A lot. A lot lot lot.

I have to wonder. In the universe of this movie, where everything (including bugs) is an anthropomorphic vehicle, where do new cars come from? Are they manufactured in an assembly line and given personality injections, or are they born? The cars are distinctly female and male, and show attraction to each other, but do they actually mate? If so, do they produce little toy cars that grow up into full size cars?

Also, what is the purpose of their doors? They seem to use the tires as hands (unless they’re a forklift or tow truck), so the doors themselves aren’t arms or hands, and I don’t recall ever seeing them open.

In the opening race sequence during the crash, how painful is a crash? How about a flat tire, does that cause pain? How much damage is required to kill a car, and why do cars even die at all, why aren’t they just repaired?

We have questions. Maybe I’ll hit up my friend Howard (who’s in the credits), a VP of software development over there, to see if he can get me answers.

2 Responses to “In the Cars universe…”

  1. Howard Says:

    Sadly, I showed up at Pixar when “Cars” was nearly done, so I didn’t get to see any car procreation first-hand. I’ll ask around though…

  2. Stephen Says:

    Happy Birthday, Howard!

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