Kimi and I saw this Friday evening (thanks to Kimi’s Uncle Tom for babysitting Sammy), after gobbling down a quick dinner from Los Portales.

We both loved Ratatouille. Technically it’s an amazing achievement, with the human character animation, camera control and lighting incredibly advanced compared to previous computer animated efforts I’ve seen. That’s some realistic rat fur. As far the plot and story and acting goes, all very good but it’s more adult and not quite as universally engaging as some of the previous Pixar work. Overall, I’d rank it above Cars but below Finding Nemo. My favorite remains The Incredibles.

I have to say that there’s something a bit unappetizing about rats working on food that’s being served to humans. As much as they tried to work past that, part of me was a little repulsed. But there’s one scene, a flashback, that nearly brought a tear to my eye. Such a beautiful moment.

I had very high expectations for Ratatouille, and I wasn’t disappointed. And for a movie bearing the Disney logo, such a daringly non-Disney movie! The very name of the movie, a hard to pronounce and spell vegetarian stew, tells you that they’re not dumbing down anything for the audience.

Bravo, Pixar.

3 Responses to “Rat-a-too-ee”

  1. Crabby Says:

    We were thinking of taking Holden to see it tonight. I assumed it was just another generic kid’s movie. Is it not for 3 year olds? Rather, would he be bored out of his gullet and need to be removed?

  2. Lacy Tree Says:

    I was thinking of taking my friend’s son who is 5…now I’m not sure after reading your review. I don’t want him to have a bad time. What do you think?

  3. Stephen Says:

    Many scenes, no problem — kids will love the chases and so on. Other scenes are over the head of a six year old, and there’s a bunch of those. Some of them are just of people cooking or talking. Interesting to an adult who’s following the story and knows what a “will and testament” is; not so interesting for kids.

    What’s Holden’s attention span?

    Kimi and I were talking about it and if I recall correctly, I think we agreed the minimum age to really enjoy it is probably 7 or 8.

    But a smart and patient 3- or 5-year-old could have a great time, especially if they like rats.

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