Days of our Lives launches on TiVoCast!

Ok, as cool as the content we launched recently is, some of these new channels are not really household names (yet). So, you ask, when is TiVoCast going to launch some free downloads for shows I’ve heard of?

To that I say, what, you haven’t heard of CNET, The New York Times, Rocketboom, and The Onion?

But those are already out there, you say — I want more new shows that I’ve heard of before.

Ok, how about this: Today we launched Days of our Lives. Each Wednesday you can get exclusive behind-the-scenes looks from the famous NBC soap opera, which has been running since 1965.

To get a Season Pass, visit TiVo Central Online’s TiVoCast section, or head to TiVo Central -> Find Programs -> Download TV & Movies.

The first episode is a day in the life of actor Black Berris (Nick Fallon).


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  1. TiVo Lovers Blog » Blog Archive » Like sands through the hour glass… Says:

    […] E. Stephen Mack, Director of TiVoCast Operations, just announced that TiVo has added yet another TiVoCast channel: Days of our Lives. Every Wednesday you will get exclusive behind-the-scenes material from the long-running (since 1965) NBC soap opera. […]

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