Kimi, John, Yvonne and I saw Stardust this evening. Kimi’s cousin Miranda drove up with her boyfriend Alex to babysit, and unfortunately Sammy was a bit upset with Kimi and me leaving, and ended up crying so hard that he threw up a lot. (How’s that for a reproduction deterrent?) But he settled down with them and ended up having a fun night — and so did we. I had read the Neil Gaiman book previously (long enough ago that I didn’t remember it very clearly) and it seemed that the movie was a nice melange of the book, the comic book, with a dash of The Princess Bride thrown in.

Several times Kimi squeezed my hand in delight; it is really a magical movie, well worth seeing. Many things invented for the movie — Robert DeNiro’s expanded character, “Billy” the man-goat — really work well cinematically. While I’d have loved to see the seven brothers have a fuller role as they do in the book, the movie gets the point across, and the two leads do a marvelous job.

I can’t figure out why this movie doesn’t have better reviews and box office numbers. It’s wonderful. See it.

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