Summer TV

We haven’t really been watching much TV this summer (well, compared to normal).

I was watching Pirate Master, a reality TV show sort of like Survivor, but it got canceled mid-stream and moved to CBS’s web site only.  I hate watching TV on my laptop or desktop, so I probably won’t see the end of that one.

I was also watching On The Lot, a reality TV show for aspiring movie directors, and it’s almost done.  The show format was really mishandled, in my opinion.  Early on it had challenges for the directors to complete, a bit like The Apprentice.  Later it became just a popularity contest, like American Idol.  It’s much more interesting to me to learn more about how movies are made than to see some random short films.  The last show is tonight; I’ll tune in for the couple of minutes required to see who won.

I also have been watching the second season of Who Wants To Be A Superhero, a reality TV show for aspiring costumed leotard wearers.  It’s fun in a dopey way.

Kimi was watching So You Think You Can Dance, and she loved it all the way through the ending last week, but that show’s not really my thing.

That’s definitely a lot of reality TV.  There’s isn’t really much else new on in the summer — we watched a couple of the new Monk episodes this season, and we enjoyed them. But now we’re falling behind. I have some other shows piling up too, but haven’t had the interest.

However, the one show that both Kimi and I reall are enjoying is The Flight of the Conchords TV show on HBO.  It’s about two singer song-writers from New Zealand.  If you search around on YouTube you can catch some of the bits, although I think their music numbers work better in the context of the larger show. Funny funny stuff. My favorite songs are Mermaids and the Bowie tribute.

3 Responses to “Summer TV”

  1. MegaZone Says:

    I smell a market for TiVoCast – remaining episodes of canceled programs.

  2. Lacy Tree Says:

    Hi Stephen! I’ve been watching Rescue Me on FX if you want to get away from the reality thing. Plus, thanks to Phil, The 4400 on USA. Oh and Burn Notice is good as well. I’m a little behind on that one though. My reality tv so far this summer is LA Ink and repeats of Miami Ink.

  3. Stephen Says:

    MegaZone — I asked our programming folks to talk to CBS as soon as they canceled Pirate Master. No other comment. 🙂

    Tracy — I normally watch Rescue Me each summer, and have them recorded and sitting in Now Playing, but just haven’t worked up the motivation to watch. (They can be a bit challenging sometimes.) We used to watch The 4400 but gave up on it last season; I enjoyed it when it started but somehow lost interest. I should have watched Burn Notice — maybe I’ll check it out. But LA Ink and Miami Ink, for those you’re on your own. 😉

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