CBS Sports’ “The Endzone” launches on TiVoCast!

We’ve launched another major partner, CBS Sports. Each week, their show “The Endzone” will be available on TiVoCast (as well as the CBS Sports homepage). The new football season is heating up, and if you’re a football fan, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

Catch The Endzone on TiVo Central Online, or head to TiVo Central -> Find Programs -> Download TV & Moves -> CBS Sports.

While you’re at it, be sure to catch the CBS Fall Preview Showcase that’s up right now — it includes a special sneak preview of the upcoming new comedy The Big Bang Theory. You can watch the entire pilot episode right from your Showcases & TV Guide menu (or if you don’t get Showcase video, you can also download it for free from Amazon Unbox). I watched this pilot at lunch today and liked it a lot. There are also previews for Cane, Kid Nation, Moonlight, and CSI. (I think Moonlight looks good and I’ll probably check out Kid Nation as well. And I can’t wait for the new CSI season; it’s still one of my favorite shows.)

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  1. TiVo Blog » CBS Sports’ “The Endzone” Now Available On TiVoCast Says:

    […] Earlier today Stephen Mack (director of TiVoCast operations) announced that TiVo has added CBS Sports’ “The Endzone” to the TiVoCast lineup. The program is already available on TiVo central or via the following menu item on your TiVo: TiVo Central –> Find Programs –> Download TV & Moves –> CBS Sports. […]

  2. TiVo Lovers Blog » Blog Archive » CBS Sports’ The Endzone tackles TiVoCast Says:

    […] E. Stephen Mack, Director of TiVoCast Operations, announced Friday that the CBS Sports show “The Endzone” is not available on TiVoCast. The show is of course, related to football – as the name subtly hints. […]

  3. HDTiVo Says:

    You guys are adding quite a bit of content lately. Congrats!

    Rogers in the 2Q conf call said that progressive download was coming, but he said for the HD platform. Did he mean that, or is it for S2 & S3?


  4. Dan Says:

    Phil Simms, did a real lousy job announcing the Pittsburg vs. Baltimore game. He obviously hates Pittsburg. The whole game he was routing for the Ravens. We don’t want to listen to a has been, never was, wannabe armchair quaterback bad mouth the Steelers. Hey Phil just so you know that game didn’t mean a thing to Pittsburg.
    What you failed to mention is that the Ravens had the chance to give the Patriots their first lose of the year but blew it by calling a time out in the forth quarter with 55 seconds left to play.
    If Phil Simms can’t call a game objectively then he shouldn’t call the game.

  5. Stephen Says:


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