Sammy and Sophie

I can’t believe it’s been more than four full days since Sophie was born; time is going so fast.

My favorite part of today was when Kimi, Sammy, Sophie (in a baby bjorn) and I took a walk around the neighborhood, a full family.

My least favorite part of today involved bodily fluids. Lots of bodily fluids. Let’s just say that my newborn-diaper-changing skills need practice. And the other part was when Sophie expelled pretty much all the milk she’d just had — we were probably trying to feed her too much, because at her checkup today she only weighed 6 pounds and 4 ounces. She was 6 pounds 15 ounces at birth, and 6 pounds 5 ounces when we left the hospital on Tuesday. So with all the feedings and everything, she still lost an ounce in two days. We’ve got to reverse that trend ASAP. Other than that, Sophie’s checkup went well. We love her pediatrician, Dr. Patricia Samson. Kimi’s milk come in this morning, and Sophie just had a big feeding, so we’ll see how things go from here.

Another major milestone today was Sammy was dropped off at school (by me, fumbling my way through the dropoff procedures) and stayed there by himself for the first time. Not a full day yet, but the head teacher said he did really well (after he bawled a bit when I left him). I was very impressed by the classroom, the teachers, the procedures, and Sammy’s classmates. Some of his class seem a bit behind him, but one little girl was so incredibly verbal: coming up to me and asking me if I was Sammy’s dad, and inviting Sammy to play with her — all using complete sentences. Sammy’s got some competition. He took home some polaroids of him playing with trucks and looking at toy fire engines, and told me had fun and likes school.

I think he really gets that Sophie is here to stay.

I’m way behind on putting up some photos and writing up Sophie’s birth, but there’s one photo from yesterday that leaves me breathless. I’m pretty tired so I’ll just put up the one for tonight. My thoughts are with you all, and we’d welcome some visitors if you’re in the area.

Sammy helps feed his sister Sophie, September 26, 2007, Mountain View, CA

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  1. Lacy Tree Says:

    That picture is great…

  2. Barbara Says:

    Beautiful picture, beautiful babies

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