VOD Cars and SPEED launch on TiVoCast!

Are fast cars your thing? Today VOD Cars (www.vodcars.com) launches on TiVoCast, with new content every Tuesday. No talking, just speed — check it out. I have never seen a tire catch fire before. That’s fast.

Speaking of speed — the SPEED Channel also joins TiVoCast today with a weekly highlight broadcast. Cool!

As always, head to TiVo Central -> Find Programs -> Download TV & Movies, then scroll down for “VOD Cars,” or else visit TiVoCast on TCO.

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  1. TiVo Lovers Blog » Blog Archive » TiVoCast cannot be stopped! Two more channels added Says:

    […] Wow, TiVoCast is really on a roll. They just keep adding channels, it seems like every day there is something new. Today E. Stephen Mack, Director of TiVoCast Operations, announced that VOD Cars and SPEED Channel have joined the TiVoCast lineup. […]

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