What a time for technology to fail

I’m so upset right now. I just found out that an e-mail I sent using my iPhone on Sunday night in our hospital room to my closest friends and family was never delivered.

I used the “Email Photo” feature to send a photo (the first one I included in the blog entry below, the one with Kimi and Sophie taken minutes after Sophie was born). I heard the “whoosh” sound to say the e-mail was sent. But it didn’t get delivered, didn’t get put into my Yahoo mail Sent folder, no error messages no nothing. I don’t even have a record of who I need to apologize to.

I don’t know if it’s the iPhone’s fault or AT&T’s fault or Yahoo’s fault, but in testing right now it’s totally random whether the photos I mail get delivered or not.

I at least called my immediate relatives to tell them the news, but some of my cousins — Mark, Tracy — and closest friends — Howard, Ken, Bob, John and many others — never got the news or photo.

In testing earlier, only 2 of my 10 test picture mails arrived (all going to the same address). But just now 2 out of 2 were delivered fine. In perhaps related news, different apps (photo, iPod) seem to be crashing a lot. My iPhone is unmodified if that makes a difference.
There’s a lesson about reliance on new technology in there somewhere. But I’m too furious to see it right now.

2 Responses to “What a time for technology to fail”

  1. Michaela Says:

    I got your other email to me with the second picture in it, but the TiVo spamtrap ate it! Thankfully I scroll through the junkmail reports.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Yes, your pic (and a few others I sent as one-offs on Monday) went through fine. My test messages to myself also were marked as spam initially but once I whitelisted myself they went through ok.

    The e-mail I’m upset about was sent on Sunday night to about two dozen people. No one received it. It wasn’t put in my sent folder. So I’m pretty sure it’s more than just a spam problem.

    Weirdly I don’t see the e-mail I sent you in the Sent folder either, although I knew it was delivered because I got your reply.

    I just switched to using gmail as a default, and will test further.

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