Back to work, and miscellany

This is the end of my paternity leave. Back to work tomorrow. Don’t really feel ready; very tired. Making silly fatigue-related mistakes, like not noticing there was a diaper mixed in with some dirty blankets when I threw in a load of laundry. That crystallized diaper stuff is nasty and gets everywhere. Best to avoid!

Sammy’s doing a bit better with naps and bedtime, so hopefully we’re all getting back to normal. Sophie continues to be an angel; very easy baby and a great sleeper.

Been watching a bit of TV (since it’s easy to do that while feeding or burping a baby, especially with TiVo; couldn’t imagine it otherwise) and of the new shows so far I like Journeyman, am neutral on Bionic Woman, and pretty sure I won’t keep Moonlight but spared it for now. Kid Nation I’m still watching. Love the new season of Survivor. Have Pushing Daisies recorded and will check that out. The new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is especially cringe-worthy in a way that only that show can manage. The new season of Always Sunny in Philadelphia cracks Kimi up a lot. Plus there’s Robot Chicken and CSI.

Did see Resident Evil 3 last night — and for me, zombie movies are like pizza: even when they’re bad they’re good. Was just what I needed.

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