Daylight Saving Time is over…

…but the adjustment of clocks continues:

  • My alarm clock
  • Microwave clock
  • Sammy’s alarm clock
  • Wall clock in computer room
  • Wall clock in living room
  • Microwave clock
  • Answering machine clock
  • Thermostat clock
  • Sprinkler system clock
  • Video camera clock
  • Still camera clock
  • Stephen’s car clock
  • Kimi’s car clock

On the other hand, a number of devices adjusted themselves — and correctly, too, despite all the mucking about with when DST is starting and stopping: All of our TiVo DVRs, the cable box, Kimi’s alarm clock, my iPhone, Kimi’s cell phone, my car’s GPS device that’s in top secret beta, various PCs and laptops.

I like when we fall back because of the extra sleep. But I hate how dark it gets in the evening; it’s much harder to go on walks to the park with Sammy on a weekday now.

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