Barely Political comes to TiVoCast

Just in time for the Iowa Caucus, Barely Political has been added to TiVoCast! Barely Political features political parody videos, and is another show from Next New Networks. You may be familiar with their most popular video, “Obama Girl.”There will be new episodes of Barely Political each Monday and Wednesday.

And while I’m thinking of the Caucus, the gamesmanship and jockeying among the fifty states of our union for earlier and earlier dates is distressing to me. I imagine that in 2012, Iowa’s Caucus will be held on January 1st at 12:01am, while New Jersey’s is held at 12:02am. California’s caucus will at 12:03am Eastern time, which is 9:03pm local time; it’ll be a heck of a new year’s party.

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  1. TiVo Lovers Blog » Blog Archive » Barely Political Comes To TiVoCast Says:

    […] E. Stephen Mack announced the latest addition to the TiVoCast lineup, Barely Political. From their ‘about us‘ page: puts up weekly videos. Our debut video, Crush on Obama, was recently named one of 2007’s 10 best videos by Newsweek, People Magazine, the AP and YouTube. […]

  2. TiVo Blog » Barely Political Now Available On TiVoCast Says:

    […] Just yesterday, Stephen Mack (director of TiVoCast operations) announced that TiVo has added Barely Political (web) to their growing lineup of TiVoCast content. […]

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