Long words

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Some of my favorite long words include dithyrambic, exothermal, disambiguate, ostentatious, loquacious, and confabulate. In business, we frequently hear phrases such as de minimis, the word “architect” used as a verb (a vile neologism, to be sure), discussions of emolument, and other variegated farrago and miscellany.

I inscribe this with stoic fervor solely to determine if I can unduly influence The Blog Readability Test, which previously rated this blog at the Junior High School level, a lachrymose result which induced acrimonious umbrage.

EDIT: No effect? Still Junior High? I didn’t know any of these words in Junior High. Feh.

4 Responses to “Long words”

  1. Scrappy Says:

    Pregnancy has caused me to make up NEW words.

    My recent favorite is OUT-ternal (the opposite of internal). Makes perfect sense to me!

    The other day referring to a restaurant in Menlo Park that I’ve been wanting to try is called “The Left Blank”… I mean “The Left Bank”. An honest mistake to make…. right?

  2. Stephen Says:

    Right! … Blank!

  3. Sarahhh Says:

    wow!!!! you are amazing, that is a fab vocab….and i thought i had a vocabulary really high compared to my peers. sheesh!
    thanks for putting it in anyway, there’s this quiz where u have to come up with words no-one else has heard of…………..thanks!

  4. Stranger Says:

    Hello i have come up with a word i learned this at the age of 10 it is 45 letters and it is the inhaltion of silica {Volcano dust}
    pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis xD thx

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