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On Tuesday, both Sammy and Sophie became full-time pre-school kids. And on Thursday, Kimi had another surgical procedure (injecting steroids in her spine) to alleviate her back pain, which was greatly increased following Sophie’s birth.

So far, all three are adjusting well.

Sammy has been reluctant to go to school in the morning, but settles in nicely and has a great time. When I picked him up yesterday (close to 6pm, making that his longest day there so far), he was in excellent spirits.

Sophie is in a phase where she’s very prone to smiling, and genuinely seems to thrive with other infants around.

Kimi is reacting well to the procedure, although it’s still a bit too early to tell.

Previously we had a nanny; it was sad to not see her and her daughter anymore. I was thinking about the tradeoffs this morning as I dropped off the kids at school.

  • When the nanny shows up, she takes over and I can go to work almost immediately. In contrast, bundling up the kids, packing all the stuff they need, driving them to school, checking them in (and calming them down) — all that takes a long time.
  • With the nanny, all your eggs are in one basket; if she’s sick or late or quits suddenly, you have no recourse. On the other hand, if the kids are even a little bit sick, they can’t go to preschool.
  • The nanny creates a highly personal and individual experience for the kids. But at the preschool they meet and interact with a range of adults and kids, helping their social development a lot.

Kids change so fast, and each day brings new behaviors and experiences for Sammy and Sophie. Preschool is a big step, and making the adjustment is a bit stressful — but I’m confident we’ve made the right choice for our kids.

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