As if in revenge for me questioning its all-mighty strength, the storm knocked out power to our house from 10am on Friday until a few minutes ago. We were right on the edge of the affected area; the church right behind us and further North was all fine, as was downtown.

So, what to do with no power? Sushi of course! With Tracee along for the ride, we took the kids out to Yakko’s for dinner (how California of us!) and then went to bed early. No TV, no computer, no lights — why, poor me, I only had my iPhone for entertainment.

It’s always good to get a quick reminder of how dependent we are on technology. Certainly we could have lasted a while with no power, but the biggest inconveniences are not having a fridge and microwave, making meal preparation much more difficult. Sammy missed his night light but otherwise seemed to think it was all fun; plus he loves to play with flashlights so this was a perfect opportunity for him.

The strangest sight for me was the Safeway and surrounding businesses being closed and that whole complex pitch black. I’m so used to the Safeway being 24/7 that seeing it shuttered was very disconcerting.

I wanted to do some stargazing with no light pollution, but alas the cloud cover made that impossible.

Sophie woke up at 4 and was just starting to settle down when the lights came back on. Blinking clocks everywhere. We’d left the light switch on in Sammy’s room, so when I peeked in it was too bright for him and he was squirming, still asleep, trying to cover his eyes with his arm. So cute. He immediately settled down when I switched off his light.

I still maintain this storm coverage was overblown (overblown, hah!). Sure, some areas got nasty winds and the associated damage from downed branches, some bridges were closed briefly, and a few cars were overturned. But the rainfall wasn’t that much, and the warnings about continued batterings overnight have not come true. It’s calm and quiet out there right now.

Compared to folks who live with hurricanes and tornadoes and know what a “storm” really is, we’re awfully wimpy here.

UPDATE: Saturday featured a second round of revenge against my mockery, with a cable outage of about six hours. Ever since my switch from DSL to cable about six months ago, that means both my TV and internet source is in one basket. Can’t remember any outages before this (entirely understandable) one, fortunately.

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