I mentioned previously that Sammy is rhyming a lot, and he’s continuing to do that.

In addition, he’s started using the word “badger” as a sort of dummy word to fill in for any vocabulary that he’s forgotten or doesn’t know. Why “badger”? Search me. In usage, it’s somewhat random, almost like how the Smurfs would use the word “smurf” sprinkled haphazardly in their sentences.

(I was a linguistics major in college — 20 years ago — and I know there’s probably a good linguistics term for this, but even after browsing through a bunch of linguistics vocab sites, I couldn’t find the right one. It’s probably some form of metonymy or synecdoche, but only because everything is.)


“What’s this that the bear is wearing?” (pointing to a picture of a bear wearing a red scarf in a picture book that Phil and Erin gave him for Christmas)

“A nice badger.”

His speech is usually clear and he almost always uses the right word if he knows it, but every now and then he makes an amusing mistake. Just now Kimi’s Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Tom stopped by to drop off some toys that Sammy had left at their house last night. Kimi noted Tom’s haircut. Since Sammy likes to be included in the conversation, Sammy pointed out that “I got a haircut too.” (Weeks ago.) So Jennifer asked, “Where did you get a haircut?” Sammy: “At the barber…(pause)…cue.”

6 Responses to “Sammy-speak”

  1. slacy Says:

    Have you shown him the classic “Badger! Badger! Badger! Mushroom Mushroom!” video? That should really get him riled up!

  2. Stephen Says:

    He got about halfway through before he said, “I don’t want to see that.”

    Now he’s saying, “I don’t like badgers.”

  3. Stephen Says:

    Although in the bath when I said “Badger badger badger mushroom” he followed it up with “Snake” so maybe it’s working its magic on him….

  4. Stephen Says:

    I went to show it to him again and he screamed! “I don’t like mushrooms.”

  5. Scrappy Says:

    You must have amended the last word barber… cue because the first time I read it I didn’t get it.

    Next time I’m online at home I’ll check out the video from slacy.

    But based on what we had for dinner last night, I can now hear Sammy saying “I don’t like mushrooms!”

  6. Stephen Says:

    In general I think he enjoys eating mushrooms.

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