“The tiger is loose, the tiger is loose, the scene is not safe”

As much as I hate getting distracted from real news by things like this, I’m pretty much obsessed over the tiger-escaping-from-the-SF-Zoo story.

As an operations guy, my first thought on 12/26 when I read the headlines was, “Woah, the zoo is open on Christmas day? Wonder how they manage that.”

Either one of my Loyal Readers may recall our visit to said zoo a while back. If you’d asked me after that visit about the possibility of a tiger escaping, I would have said it wasn’t possible. I mean, those tigers were so far away you could barely see them.

Yesterday’s Merc featured a transcript of the 911 calls. (Audio links on the right of that article.)

I know a lot of people haven’t had a lot of sympathy for the victims, arguing they provoked the tiger or possibly used a slingshot or were drinking vodka or whatever. But once you listen to that audio, I don’t really think you can view the zoo and authorities as blameless.

If a jury hears that audio, it’s all over. The zoo will be sued into oblivion. The only thing they’ll have left is a couple of rats and a bunny rabbit. And they’ll be required to have an armed guard standing next to the bunny to make sure no one gets bitten.

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