A day in Hello Kitty World

Hello Kitty World apparently beta-launched today. Here’s how I imagine it.

What’s your name? Haildoggy
What type of animal are you? A doggy, silly!
What color are you? Hot pink

…character creation in process… Done! ^_^

…loading the world… Ready! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

…automatically sending warm greetings to your friends… Sent! <3 <3 <3 Welcome, Haildoggy! You are in your house. Your house is cute. There is a mailbox here. The mailbox is cute. There is a phone here. The phone is cute. There is a door here. The door is cute! The door is also closed. Your bedroom is here. It's super-cute. Haildoggy, what would you like to do? > Go bedroom

You enter your bedroom. The carpet is pink. The bed is pink. The lamp is pink. The walls are pink. Pink! You have a bookshelf. It’s filled with fun books. Books are fun! Haildoggy, what would you like to do now? }@V@{

> Use bed

You’re not tired, silly! And we can’t imagine anything else you’d use the bed for. Oh, a pillow fight? That sounds like fun! Invite over some friends, and let’s play!

You have a new quest: Pillow Fight!

> Call friends

You don’t have any friends. Yet! That’s a little sad, but just smile and it’ll get better.

> Call someone

You open the phone book at random. Here are some people you can call: Hellokitty413 HelloKitty554 HelloKittie432 Badbatsmaroo117 HeloKitty1A HelloKityA HellloKittie1138 Kerope933 HellooooKitty644

Who would you like to call?

> Never mind. Go to Flower World
You leave your house and head to the train station.

HelloKitten212 is here!

H3ll0Kitt3h333 is here!

The train is not here. Using the train costs $1. Remember, get your parents’ permission before paying for items! Do you have their permission? Good. Please enter your credit card.

> Say hi

Why aren’t you entering your credit card?

> Smile at HelloKitten212

HelloKitten212 smiles at you. She says: “Ur cute but y r ur clothes r sooo plain??!”

> Examine HelloKitten212

She has red go-go boats decorated with sparklies and spaceships and moonbeams. Would you like a pair like that?


They cost just $6.95. Remember, we don’t charge you anything for this game, and Sanrio has to pay the rent for its giant factories. So won’t you please consider buying some red go-go boats? Your mom’s credit card is probably in her purse. We’ll wait.

> [credit card number entered]

Hello Kitty herself appears to thank you! Hello Kitty loves you! Did she mention how cute you look?

> This is the best game evah

2 Responses to “A day in Hello Kitty World”

  1. Sparky Says:

    The pink walls crash in on you as you are eaten by a super-cute grue.

    You die.

  2. Stephen Says:

    You enter the back of the bus. Bad kids sit here. Cute and friendly kids sit at the front of the bus. You should return to the front of the bus as quickly as you can!

    Pikachoo456 is here.

    HaroldPotter991 is here.

    Legolass###1933 is here.

    > Report name violations

    Thanks for reporting! We’re inspecting the names now.

    * Pikachoo456 is now known as HellooooKitty456.
    * HaroldPotter991 is now known as HailKitty991.
    * Legolass###1933 is now known as HelloKitteness###1933.

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