Change your margins, save a tree

Quick, if you use Microsoft Word, follow these instructions to reduce your paper usage by 5%.

I’ve always hated the default 1.25″ margins Word uses. Who came up with that, anyway? WordPerfect and most other word processors I’ve used over the years always had one inch margins. I like half an inch, but that’s just me I guess.

2 Responses to “Change your margins, save a tree”

  1. Eric Says:

    With the Word defaults of Times Roman 12pt font, the larger margins serve the very important purpose of keeping line lengths short. Short lines are critical because the eye has a difficult time tracking lines with more than 60-65 characters of text. The one inch margins baby boomers were instructed to use herald to typewriters with Pica fonts where 6.5 inches of text yielded an ideal line with 65 characters.

    If you insist on narrow margins, use a Palentino (Book Antiqua) font, a larger leading, or dual margins. On the later will result in reduced paper consumption.

  2. Scrappy Says:

    I did it! Not only that, I actually sent it to others in the company. Maybe I can get one tree saved in my lifetime… =)

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