Finding America joins TiVoCast

Finding America, a PodShowTV series that follows Trucker Tom as he travels across America, has been added today.

You can subscribe and ride shotgun by heading to the Finding America TiVoCast page on TiVo Central Online, or by using your DVR and selecting TiVo Central -> Find Programs -> Download TV & Movies -> PodShowTV (scroll down) -> Finding America.

Trucker Tom’s a character. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Finding America joins TiVoCast”

  1. TiVo Lovers Blog » Blog Archive » TiVoCast Adds Finding America Says:

    […] Stephen Mack announced that TiVoCast has added another PodShowTV channel, Finding America. Finding America follows Trucker Tom as he travels the US. As the page says: What if you had the chance to travel every major road in the USA? Ever wondered what the real face of America looks like that’s not from a glossy and fake manufactured perspective? Can’t afford or don’t have time to travel as much as you would like? Come along with me as I show you the more obscure parts of the USA right on your Video iPod or computer. […]

  2. TiVo Blog » TiVo Adds Finding America As A TiVoCast Channel Says:

    […] Earlier today, Stephen Mack (director of TiVoCast operations) announced that TiVo has added Finding America to their growing lineup of TiVoCast content. […]

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