The Next Barrier

Either Obama or Clinton will be our Democratic party nominee for President. Given the Bush administration’s unpopularity, chances are good that either an African-American man or a white woman will be our next President.

What, I wonder, will be the next barrier to be broken? Which of these candidates are now possibly electable? (By “electable,” I mean: Able to overcome the biases and prejudices of the electorate on the basis of their character and qualifications.)

  • A homosexual
  • An atheist
  • A disabled person

As far as our country as come, I think it will be many years before any of the above types of people would stand a good chance, no matter how qualified. But I hope I’m wrong. I’m glad I was wrong about 2020 before.

3 Responses to “The Next Barrier”

  1. Kevin Fox Says:

    FDR was elected twice though both his legs were paralyzed. The difference is that his disability was rarely spoken of and the average voter probably wasn’t even aware of it. Imagine how impossible that would be today, not just because of the prevalence of video and photography, but because the handicap would be made into an ‘issue’ even if it was under the guise of how it shouldn’t be an issue, and of course, if the opposing candidates saw political gain in making him look weaker they wouldn’t think twice about raising public awareness of his condition, and if such an act were deemed low then they’d just have an unaffiliated PAC do it for the same effect.

  2. Stephen Says:

    I wondered if someone would bring up FDR 🙂

    I was going to raise the awareness point if someone did bring him up, but your other points are excellent as well.

    So, of the three types of people, who do you think is more “electable” today?

  3. Geoff Mitchell Says:

    I *LONG* for the day that an atheist takes the office. I can’t imagine it’ll happen in my lifetime, as there’s still such a strong demographic that dictates their political decisions based on alignment with their own theology. Just imagine decisions being made based on scientific evidence, facts, proven theories and rational thinking.

    I…. I have a dream…. 😉

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