Too much IM spam

Lately I’ve been plagued by IM spam — random messages from randomadj-randomname-random# with a greeting of “Hi ___,” followed by a URL broken up with spaces.

I use Trillian as my IM client. Can anyone recommend any plugins or settings to block this? I’m up to about a dozen a day. Very annoying.

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  1. slacy Says:

    which protocol? AIM? Yahoo!? Google Talk? ICQ? My preferred IM client is now Gmail, since it can be both a Google Talk and AIM client, and that pretty much covers the people I want to talk to. I don’t get any SPAM IM’s these days.

    Most clients will have an option to only allow messages from people in your ‘buddies’. Its a bit severe, but an easy way to guarantee never getting any SPAM. Now that I think about it, thats the way Google Talk works by default, so thats probably why its SPAM free.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Ah, good point. The spam all comes from Yahoo! IM. I’ll see if I can set it to be “buddies only” for YIM while leaving AIM open. (A lot of co-workers aren’t on my buddy list.)

    The Gmail/AIM crossover is pretty good but I need a few more features than are in the Gchat client, although I haven’t really tried stressing it lately.

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