HBO’s “In Treatment” free download (act quick!)

One of my favorite columnists, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Jon Carroll, has a column today about the new HBO series “In Treatment” starring Gabriel Byrne as a therapist treating five different patients.

If you’re interested, the first 15 episodes can be downloaded from Amazon Unbox at no charge. Just head to TiVo Central and catch the menu item promoting this series, then select “Available Downloads.”

7 Responses to “HBO’s “In Treatment” free download (act quick!)”

  1. Michaela Says:

    The show is addictive yet frustrating. I can see why no one’s watching it, though — if you didn’t start from the beginning you would now find yourself 35 episodes behind. (And the finale is next week.) Doesn’t leave much room to slowly build an audience.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    thank you so much

  3. luisa Says:

    where can i find In Treatment downloads, do you know?

  4. Stephen Says:

    They are no longer free, but you can get them here.

  5. Rachel Corso Says:

    thank you so muchhhhhhhh!!

  6. Teresa Says:

    Unfortunately, not availabele for Brazilian residents…

  7. Patty Says:

    Try these one

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